Thursday, August 18, 2011

Watch YouTube videos with friends through Google+ Hangout

What you do when you see a super video on Youtube ? Share link on Facebook or send an email! That's now old fashion! Believe me video sharing got very interesting! Interesting video or movie online on YouTube can be now instantly watched with your friends through Google Plus Hangout.

YouTube integrated with Google Plus Hangout to Watch videos with Freinds

In the above picture Highlighted in red the ability to share YouTube videos with friends through Google+ Hangout. To start just click on "Share" first then "Start a Google+ hangout" you will get a pop-up as shown below. Select the circles or people or friends with whom you would like to watch the video. Its similar to inviting your friends to play games on Google Plus.

Click "Hangout" to watch Videos with your Friends!
When you are ready just click "Hang out" to start watching the YouTube video with your friends!

Going forward we can see lot of such feature integrated by Google among its various products! Let us know what else you guys expect form Google! and also Watch YouTube videos with friends through Google+ Hangout and let us know how it goes!


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