Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to invite your friends or people to play games with you on Google+

Playing games on Google Plus is fun but you might be thinking - playing the games with contacts (Friends, Family etc.) on your network might be much more fun!. In Google+ you can invite people to play games with you. Ability to invite others depends on the type of game you might be playing.

Following are the options when you will get a chance to invite people to play games on Google Plus:

  •  When you start playing the game
For example if you start playing Crime City game you will have option to Invite your contacts in the Circle as shown below in the figure,
Invite People on Google Plus for playing games!
  •  When you share your Game Status update to your circles. While playing the game during various stage you will get a option to share and invite your contacts. You can either invite a particular person or group of people called circles for playing games on Google Plus. Update which you shared appears on Game notifications or Games stream of your contact.
Also invite people while sharing your games status update!
  •  When you finish playing the Game
  • Game developers can also some times incorporate ability to send invitation when you finish some major stages in a game.
While inviting people make sure you know them and both of you understand the privacy policy and terms of service. You can share earned scores, the stages you have reached, gifts and other items with your contacts.  Google plus games developers continue to develop great gaming experience to its users so that users can continue to share & invite people. Let us know which game you enjoy playing on Google Plus and share & invite most!


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