Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monster world & Bubble Island added to Diamond dash on Google+ games

Wooga a well known social network games development company rolled out two more games to Google Plus Games. Earlier as reported there were in total 16 games on G+ . Wooga first rolled out Diamond dash game which is quite familiar among the online Google games. Along with Diamond dash two more games Monster World and Bubble Island are added as tabs.

Diamond Dash on Google+ games with tabs
Just click on the Monster World  or Bubble Island tabs to play the game. It's not still clear whether Wooga will keep those two games in tab format or they will separate it.
MonsterWorld game on Google Plus
Bubble Island game on Google Plus
Once you play those two games,(which require your approval to access your information) will appear on played games list as separate games. Let us know which is your favorite game among Diamond Dash, Monster world & Bubble Island on Google+ games!


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