Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Use of cheat code on Google Plus Games

You might have heard about using cheat codes in various PC based games. Now lots of rumors are floating around about the cheat codes in Google Plus games. So far there is no evidence that any such codes can be used in the various online games available on Google+ games. It’s not worth spending any time in looking for any such codes or software’s as Google+ is built with good security features.

Few think that such options or cheat codes should be provided by game developers to promote their game. There are lot disadvantage of providing such codes rather than advantages. Most affected would be the games which required you to pay money to play game on Google Plus.

Discussion around such cheat software or debugging has been noted in this Google Plus discussion (Approximately 15 and 30 comments).

Have you come across any such cheat codes or software’s which helps to play games without any issue on Google Plus? Do you think such an idea is good to pursue? Leave your comments!

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