Friday, September 9, 2011

How to block Google Plus Games within a Network or Company

Many organizations block certain websites so that employees don't spend their valuable time in unwanted activities. Banned websites include social networking websites such as Facebook, Orkut etc. With Google Plus getting familiar many are considering blocking Google+ too.

Social Media/Networking websites are banned in few organizations!

One of the main concern among the companies is the presence of games in the social networking websites especially in Facebook, Orkut, Chrome and Google+.

As social media websites are used in marketing and sales activity its good idea to evaluate which part of websites to be blocked or not instead of blocking complete website. For example in Google+ except all other streams such as Home page, Photos, Circles, its good idea to block only games.

Access to Google Plus Games within a company or network can be disabled by blocking the url . With this other features of Google+ can be easily accessible and may provide value to the companies. Let us know what do you think about blocking such game related websites in an organization or company ? Does it yield the required results ?

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