Monday, August 29, 2011

How to turn off Angry Birds sound or music on Google plus online game

Angry Birds is one of the most played and top games on almost all the online applications including Chrome and Google Plus games. This month among the top 10 games on Google Chrome Angry Birds is the number one among the players. If you still don't know hot to play angry birds online on Google+ read how to play.

Once you started playing the game you might want to listen to the music or voice chat with friends online on Google Voice etc. That time you might want to turn off the sound from Angry Birds game. Well its very simple and you have two options as follows,

1. Before playing the game: If you want to turn off the music of Angry Birds before playing the game on Google plus. Just click on the Gear symbol on lower left corner as shown below in the picture,

You will get a round icon with Speaker symbol inside it. Just click on it to turn of the Angry Birds sound or music. When you turn off the sound it will look like (middle round),

2. While playing the game: Want to turn of the Angry Birds sound while playing game online on Google plus to listen to music, voice chat with friends or talking with friends sitting next to you. Just click on the pause icon which you see on the top left cornet as shown below,

You will get option to turn of the sound, which is almost similar to the one as described in the first option. When you are playing game do you turn of the music or sound from game? Do you like the Angry Birds music?


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