Sunday, August 21, 2011

Top 10 free popular games to play online on Google Chrome

Games on Google Chrome are getting better and better and the list is also growing. With the growing list of games available for you to play on Chrome. Here is the list of top 10 free popular games to play online on Google Chrome. This list is compiled for the month of August. You will have a good time playing these Chrome games and would like to play again and again!

1. Angry Birds: Google Chrome or Plus Angry Birds continue to be number one. Start playing your favorite game!. Check here how to play Angry Birds on Google Plus.

Angry Birds on Google Chrome

2. Super Mario: You might have played this game probably on video games on TV. This favorite game of all time is back on Google Chrome as one of the top games for this month!

Super Mario on Google Chrome

3. Sudoku: Sudoku is one of the most played games on Google chrome (Also its one of the top games on Google+ games). Unlike Google plus here you have different form of game from various game developers. Single Sudoku game is available on Google+.

Sudoku games on Google Chrome

4. Plants vs Zombies: Like to grow plants and dont like the zombies which destroy them. Well you would like to give Plants vs Zombies game son Google chrome a try. This games has second most user base on the available Chrome games.

5. The Fancy Pants Adventure: Love adventure games ? Try Fancy pants adventure on Google Chrome. This game is also about to be launched on Xbox live.

6. Canvas Rider: Ride the cycle on the path paved by others and its very adventurous on chrome. Its 6th among the top ten games on Google Chrome.

Canvas Rider on Chrome

7. Cargo Bridge: You are an engineer love constructing bridge? This time have fun with playing bridge constructing work on Google Chrome.

8. Lord of Ultima: Its one of the famous strategy game on Google Chrome  that simulates an immersive medieval civilization.
Lord of Ultima on Google Chrome

9. Word Search Puzzle: You would love to play this game as you continue to identify the words hidden between the letters! Word search is one the highly played puzzle game on Google Chrome!

Word Puzzle game on Google Chrome

10. Mr. Bounce: You will play enjoying Mr. Bounce game on Chrome.

Mr. Bounce on Google Chrome

All most all the games are free!. Above list of top 10 popular games which you can play online on Google Chrome is growing and we will review and bring you the latest games available.Let us know which of these you play most!


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