Sunday, May 20, 2012

Top 5 popular Virtual Worlds online games on Google Chrome

There are various categories of games available to play on Google Chrome such as Role, Strategy, Puzzle etc. Popular among them is Virtual World games and there are more than 100 games available in this category. Following are the top 5 Virtual Worlds game available for you to play online,

1.  Skyrama :  This is the most popular game with more than 250,000 users. You can become an airport manager in the Google Chrome online game Skyrama by building an airport, services planes and tend to passengers.

You can learn and manage Air traffic controllers, flight attendants, ground crew in SkyRama as you've got plenty of passengers to attend and serve. Check in customers, organize flight schedules and make sure your planes get out on time.

2. Green Farm: This is the game for those who are bored with city related Virtual world games. In this Chrome game create your own eco-friendly dream farm filled with herds of cute livestock and grow yummy organic veggies. Meet fellow farmers, make friends & play together ‘till the cows come home.

3. Lady Popular: This is the third largest game in Google Chrome game with more than 150,000 users. Every girl dreams to become a smart, talented and successful woman.
Lady Popular is a free online game for girls that offers you this opportunity.

4. Brake The Wall: This game tests your reaction time for breaking the ice wall. As you move on the game level gets difficult. This game is the fourth popular in the Chrome game with 100,000+ users.

5. Edge World: Edgeworld is the 5th popular game among Virtual World in Chrome. It is a free to play massively multiplayer sci-fi strategy game with tower defense and real-time tactical combat.

Few more Virtual World games which are very popular are Rango: The WORLD, Bug Village, and Dark Orbit. Let us know which among these online Google game you liked the most in the comments. 


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