Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Play "A Google A Day" game for free on Google Plus games

New interesting game called "A Google A Day" which is on beta version is available now on Google+ Games for free. This game is in addition to the Six new games introduced few days back. In this game search for answers, then challenge your friends on the network and climb the leaderboard. A Google a day is a daily search puzzle that tests your savvy search skills.

A Google A Day Game
Rack up the points, unlock badges, and challenge your friends in the Google+ to a battle of search wits. Game can be played at by accepting the terms and conditions of the game developer

Once you click play you will get an option to select the first question. Once you select the first question in default 300 points will be assigned.

You can select various topics to play the game such as History, Science, Countries, World, Books etc..

You will have the ability to search for answers on Google to answer the game. Key is how quickly you answer the "A Google A Day" question when compare to the competition. Time in seconds will be running next to the points. Various tips and tricks are also made available by the game developer to make the game interesting.  Let us know how is the game and what is your experience with new Game on Google Plus Games.


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