Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two more features for Google +1 buttons - Sharing and Snippets

Google launched in June the +1 button for websites, which made it easier to recommend content across the web. In July, the +1 button crossed 2 billion daily views, and also Google made it a lot faster.  Till date the +1 button appears on more than a million websites, with over 4 billion daily views.

Google launching two features that make +1 buttons more useful for users and publishers!
Sharing with your circles on Google+
Clicking the +1 button is a great way to highlight content for others when they search on Google. But sometimes you want to start a conversation right away—at least with certain groups of friends. SFrom now for Google+ users to share webpages with their circles, directly from the +1 button. Just +1 a page as usual and look for the new "Share on Google+" option. From there you can comment, choose a circle and share.

The new +1 button on Rotten Tomatoes
When you share content from the +1 button, you’ll notice that Google automatically include a link, an image and a description in the sharebox. Google call these "+snippets," and they're a great way to jumpstart conversations with the people you care about.

Publishers can benefit from +snippets as well. With just a few changes to their webpages, publishers can actually customize their +snippets and encourage more sharing of their content on Google+. More details are available on the Google Webmaster blog.

Google rolling out sharing and +snippets globally over the next week, but if you’d like to try the new +1 button now, you can join  Google+ Platform Preview. Once you're part of the Preview, just visit a site with the +1 button and +1 the page. 
Source: Doing more with the +1 button, more than 4 billion times a day 


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