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Top 5 free Google Play hidden object games online for Android

Best place to play hidden object games online on Google is Android based mobile or tablets. It's the list of top 5 popular hidden objects games available for you to play without getting bored. Here you can also check popular Virtual Worlds games on Google+ plus.

Why to play Hidden Object Games?
Hidden object games are very popular among all the ages because it's very interesting. Even though this game is most popular among kids, its getting more popular with everyone. Game is usually of puzzle in nature which makes your eyes to look for objects hidden anywhere in the picture. It also spurs creativity and thinking ability.

Top 5 list of Google hidden object games on Android,
1Dream Sleuth: hidden object -  Dream Sleuth  is combination of puzzle, strategy and hidden object game. It is a mysterious detective story developed by Nevosoft. This game has a beautiful soundtrack with an movie. And the plot help lead you to the kidnapped girl. During the course of the hidden objects game most important clues appear between twilight and the breaking dawn.

Features of Dream Sleuth Google Play game:
  • Exciting mini games in a family friendly puzzle
  • Various locations with Beautiful Music
  • Mysterious casual search game for children and all ages.
2. Hidden Object Games - Balloons : With more than 4,000 downloads on Google Play this is one of the best hidden object games available on Android. This game can be played in 2 different modes.

Your objective is to find hidden baloons on the picture. There are several different levels with time limit and In every level of the game the balloons are harder to find.

3Hidden Object Games - Cats :  In this Google Android game your mission is to find all cats in the picture. Identifying all the cats will take you to the next level and you have in total 25 levels to play. Levels are both easy and difficult to make you think harder every time. It comes with 2 modes, one is Competition mode with time limit and relaxed mode just to see what you are getting it into.

4. Hidden Objects Cartoons:  Hidden objects cartoons is very entertaining logic and search game for everyone where you dive into the world of cartoons to find hidden objects.

This is hidden object game on Google Play for Android comes  with few rules:
  • Each level should be cleared in order to unlock next level,
  • Good attempt while searching is rewarded with 50 bonus points,
  • Any missed click while identifying hidden object leads to subtraction of 25 points,
  • Clearing the level before time runs out gives extra points.
5. Hidden Object Games - Rings : In this Google online game on Android you have to find all the rings hidden in the picture. This is classical hidden object game. It has few levels so you need to play fast to finish the game according to the rules. In each level, rings are harder to spot but you have a progress bar showing you how much rings you need to find to finish current level.

Let us know which among the above game you enjoyed the most. Please leave your comments to improve or add more games to the list etc.


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