Monday, August 15, 2011

Play Sudoku game online on Google Plus

Mind puzzle games are also made available on Google+ by game developers. One of the first puzzle to available is Sudoku also typed as Sodoku or Soduko game on Google Plus. You might have explored playing Angry Birds on G+ and might have found lot of fund playing it. When ever you on Google+ want to get your brain puzzled play Sodoku.

You can find Soduko game on the "All games" tab on Google plus as shown below in the picture,

All games - Displaying Games on Google Plus
When you click on "Sudoku puzzles" icon you will get the below screen where you can play Sodoku online on Google Plus.

Soduko Game on Google+
Sodoku games on Google Plus comes with four difficulty levels i.e. Easy, Medium, High and  Expert. Time required to finish the game depends on your level of exposure. You can start playing Sodoku puzzle with easy level then slowly move to become expert!

Cool features of Sudoku game which you can play online on Google Plus are,
New Game: At any given point in time you can start fresh Sodoku game by clicking on New Game. It will provide you with pop-up confirming weather you would like to start game again or to continue as shown below in the picture,
Starting New Soduko Game on Google Plus

Check: When ever you make a entry in the Sudoku puzzle you can check the move you made is correct or not by click on the Check button. If the move made by you is correct it will show the message "Perfect! No Mistakes!

You can check the move or entry you made in Sudoku puzzle for only 3 times for a game. If you exceed more than three times in a game you wont get any points by you can check weather your move is correct or not!

Hint: You can get hint to play the Sudoku puzzle for three times. To get the hint just select on any one of the box and then click on Hint. Seleted box will be filled with the correct number.

Solve: If you are in a hurry or you can't able to solve Sodoku puzzle need not to worry just click on Solve. You will get the final answer and then option to start the new puzzle.

Invite Friends: You can also invite your friends on your Google Plus Circles to play Sudoku puzzles. Inviting friends is as similar to inviting on Angry Birds or other games! 

Weekly Top Score: Top scorer's among the Sodoku players on Google Plus are also displayed, which is refreshed every week on Monday's. Let us know how is the Sudoku game developed by labpixes for G+ ? Let us know how did  you find Playing Sudoku or Sodoku or Soduko game online on Google Plus.


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