Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Facebook might be blocking Google Plus invites

Its has been reported today that Facebook might be blocking Google Plus invites from appearing on the News Feed. This need not to be confused with inviting your friends to play games within Google+. As more and more people started using  G+ they started inviting others using social network websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn etc.

Google Plus Invitation

Facebook one of the largest social networking website facing the tough competition with Google launching Google Plus. Below video shows how the status update of sharing link inviting to join Google Plus does not appear on news feed where as other updates appear on Facebook. This video was posted by a Google employee on YouTube.

We too tested the same and found the same behavior where Facebook algorithm might have been designed to block any of the Google Plus invites. Google+ product manager confirmed to CNET the receipt of complaint from users. Let us know what do you think about this issue! Do you notice the same problem! Leave your comments!


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