Saturday, August 13, 2011

Information requested by Google Plus games from your profile

Before start playing games on Google Plus you need to aware of information accessed by the Games developers  or Games from your profile. You can play games only if you are ready to share information otherwise forget it you can't play games on Google Plus.

Why they need your information? Well no one provides games for free! they might be using your information for getting advertisers or sponsors by gathering the users information (Google policy specifically states that game developers can't use it for advertising) .
"It cannot be used for any other purposes such as advertising or attracting other users."
Also information gather helps them to understand the demography of the players and to improve the games and gaming experience to the players.

Important Note: Always read the terms and conditions provided by the games or games developer before proceeding to play the games!

Here is the examples of what kind of information is requested and how games may use the information that they request:
  • Your name, Profile URL, and photo: These information are used to create your game profile, personalize the game for you, and help your friends to find you.
  • Country, language, and timezone: These information are used to tailor the game you’re playing to your location and language.
  • Gender and birth date: Typically used to customize text that refers to you.
  • E-mail address: A game may want to directly send you game notifications, updates and special offers.
  • Ordered list of your people in your circles - Google gives the developer an ordered list of people from your circles. This list gives developer and idea with whom you would like to play game. Usually the order is listed depending on your use of Google products. This information could be used by the game to present you with people to play the game with, including to invite to the game, and to send gifts and messages etc.

Next time when you play games on Google plus be sure to check the terms and conditions & Privacy policy!


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