Sunday, August 3, 2014

Flappy Bird Game is back on Amazon Fire TV - Not yet on Android or IOS

One of the addictive game Flappy Bird on the various platform such as Andorid or IOS is back on Amazon Fire TV. This game used to be for single player but now the new game is multiplayer. Till no clue given whether it will be released for Android or IOS.

The new game is called "Flappy Bird Family" and promises "incredible new features: Person vs Person mode, more obstacles, more fun and still very hard."


If you are one of those liked playing the game Flappy bird, we recommend you to play it on Amazon Fire TV :)

Nguyen shocked the world last winter when he pulled Flappy Bird from app stores. The free game had gone viral, downloaded 50 million times, and was reportedly making him thousands of dollars a day in advertising. It was easy to play  but hard to play well.


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