Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Top 4 free Family games for iphone ipad ios you must try

We will see this week must try Top 4 free Family iphone ipad ios games and how much they are liked by the users. This week the games in the list are "Ludo King, Stickman Surfer, My Talking Hank and My Talking  Tom". These are the best and most downloaded games for family in various IOS devices.

top 4 family ios games for iphone and ipad

  1. Ludo Kind: This game on IOS is available for 6.0 or later. This is a board game and can be comfortably played with the family, friends. This game is very similar to the Spanish board game. This game requires minimum 2 players and up-to 4 players maximum. Also you can play against the system, if you don't have anyone to try this game. Objective of the game is to make the token move through the board and finish the line.
  2. Stickman Surfer: This game is about helping the stickman to surf the waves, cruise the dunes in his jeep. This is a interesting family game and offers every day treasure chest prizes. 
  3. My Talking hank: This has seen one of the best downloads in IOS games in Iphone, Ipad and others. This game is about helping Hank pursuing his love of photography and take pictures of all the animals on the tropical islands of Hawai.
  4. My Talking Tom: This is most favourite app downloaded in family segment. Especially kids like very much to play with the Tom cat.


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