Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to play & Where to find Privacy Policy & Terms of service of game on Google Plus

As explained in the earlier posts about the information requested by Games on Google Plus. It always highly recommended to ready the privacy policy and terms of service of the Google Plus Games. Policy and terms of service are provided to you when you play the game for the first time!

How to start play the game on Google Plus and where to find the Terms of Service and Privacy policy:

For example to play "Dragon Age" game you have to click on the "Play" game available on the bottom left side of the window!. You have several games available where you can choose the one you like to play and enjoy!

How to Play Games on Google Plus
When you click on "Play" a pop up screen or window will appear requesting permission for accessing your information as shown below in the figure,

Google Plus Games Access to Game & Policy, Terms of Service

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found rite below highlighted in blue colour links. 

To continue and play game Click on "Allow Access". If you are not happy with their terms and policy you can click on "No Thanks"!


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