Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to remove or revoke permission to a game on Google Plus

Some time you may get bored playing games or you don't want to continue sharing your profile information with the games for various reasons. Its easy on Google Plus to remove or revoke the permission to a game which you have provided when you started playing the game after reading the terms and policy.

You can check here for which are all external applications (Include Google Approved developers as well as Non Google approved such as Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook etc.) you have provided access to Your  Google profile.

How to remove permissions for a game on Google Plus :
  • Sign in to Google Plus using your login ID and Password .
  • As highlighted in the red colour, Click your full name or email address in the Google+ bar (found on the right side).

  • Click on the link "Account settings".
  • Select Account overview as shown below in the picture (if  its not not already selected).

  • Next to "Authorizing applications & sites" click Edit as highlighted above in red color.
  • Click Revoke Access next to the game (or application) you don't want to play or use anymore.

Please note that removing access to games on Google Plus account not necessarily means your information collected by game developer is removed! You have to contact them to remove or delete your information completely as mentioned by Google.
If the game developer has created an account for you on their own systems, removing permissions for a game doesn't necessarily delete your account with them. You'll need to contact the developer if you want them to remove your account or delete information they have stored about you. To find developer contact information, we suggest visiting the game developer’s website.


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