Saturday, August 13, 2011

What is Google Plus and Google Plus Games ?

Google is a worlds largest search engine company known for innovations in the internet and software industry. Major products from Google include but not limited to Google Search, Google mail (known as Gmail), Analytic (Google webmaster, Analytic), Feed Burner and recently Google Plus.

As the social networking started taking up more time of the internet users not being present as a strong player in the social network industry is a major issue with advertisers. Facebook a 500+ million members social network started threatening Google's advertisements as more company needs actual user base rather search results advertising.

In order to get into Social Networking industry Google launched Google Plus. Google plus is a social networking site launched by Google to provide its users with a platform to share thoughts , photos, videos, links to friends , followers and family members. Even though Google faced a setback in successfully launching its Orkut (social networking site famous in India, Brzail etc.) as Social networking site Google is poised to get more accounts registered with Google Plus.

Google Plus got various features and Google Plus Games is part of the package. Google plus games can be found next to the Google Circles button ( Highlighted below in the picture)

Now along with your thoughts, pictures and videos you can play and share games results with your networks on Google Plus. Watch the below video on Google Plus Games!


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