Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to play Angry Birds on Google Plus

Among the games on Google plus ( Currently 16 games are available) Angry Birds is one of the well known game across social networking websites. Angry Birds game is developed by Rovio and entrainment company based in Finland. Watch below the angry birds trailer made as cinematic version,

Angry Birds is made available by Rovio on Apple products such as IPad, IPhone and Android based mobile phones. Most recently this game is launched on Google Chrome as stand alone game. Now the Angry Birds is also available on Google Plus Games!

How to Play Angry Birds on Google Plus:

to Google+ then click on the games,

Angry birds can be found in two places first one among Featured Games or by clicking on All games (Above Game notifications). Currently this game is available on featured games because its very popular and famous among social networking games.

When you click on All Games the games list appear as shown below. To play Angry birds just click on the Bird Icon ( Middle of Third row). Remember to read the Privacy policy and Terms of Service by Game Developer.

When you click on the Birds Icon the Angry birds game will be launched as shown below!

Wait for few seconds so that the screen to start the game appears. 

Just click on the PLAY button to enjoy your favorite online game Angry Birds!

Angry Birds POACHED EGGS and TEAM WORK games are currently made available by Rovio for FREE on Google Plus Games. It might extend payed  games on Google+ like which is available on IPhone or IPad games.

If you have played all the Angry Birds game you need not be disponted Rovio might planned more games which are coming soon!


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