Monday, May 7, 2012

How to play free games online for free without downloading to computer

Playing games is fun and they evolved from PC to internet i.e. online. Playing online means on the website and you will get both free and paid games. Now you might have explored how to play free games online for free without downloading them to your personal computer or laptop.

First let us see why to play online free games rather than on PC or laptop computer,

  • Games can be accessed any ware irrespective of which computer you use without downloading.
  • Various games are available with plenty of categories such as racing, strategy, math games, puzzle etc.
  • Most of the online games are free, really? (You will be paying for internet) 
  • Easy to play multiplayer games with family and friends through online platform

Various websites provide the free games online for free which you need not to download to play. Now a day’s social networking websites such as Facebook and Google Plus too provide games. Other free online games include but not limited to IGoogle, Google Chrome, Google play, Iphone, Android games etc.
Various games developers also provide the games on their website for free. Only issue with such games are limited levels, you may have to register with game developer website, few types of games etc.

Feel free to add list of games available online for free without downloading them to computer in the comments.


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