Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top 5 popular games on Google Plus for this month

As the games on Google Plus evolve the top popular games keep changing. For the month of May 2012 also many games changed the position in top slot. Following are the top 5 popular games mostly played on Google+ games. These are played single as well as multi player games.

1)  8 Ball Multiplayer Pool :  New entry in the top spot in the Google games available online. Shoot 8 ball pool against live players. POT the 8 BALL LAST, after you've potted your other balls to win. Visit the shop and buy awesome new cues. Now multi player pool game available with new 16 and 32 player tournaments!

2) Crime City : This game continue to be on the top spot among the Google Plus games. In this game rise through the ranks of the mafia and take over the city in this awesome crime game! Build your hood, do jobs, and fight other players!

3) Zombie Lane:  This game is very famous in various platforms including iPhone, Android, Facebook etc. Take back control of your neighborhood from Zombies! Equip a weapon and fight off the endless waves of the undead!
4) Bubble Witch Saga:  Another new game int he top spot above Angry birds game. Bubble Witch Saga is an engaging, deep and challenging bubble game on Google plus. Features more than 130 amazing bubble levels.
5 ) Angry Birds :  This game continue to be on top of all the games holding position within 5. This game is available in single and multi player with free and paid.

Add other games which played and found interesting but not in the top 5 Google plus games list for this month of May.  Mostly these games popularity is based on the number of people playing and spending most of the games.


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