Friday, September 9, 2011

How to get approval from Google for Games development on Google Plus

You may know at present there are around 16+ games are approved by Google and made available to play online on Google Plus games. There is no clear information made available by Google+ team on how and when the game developers where invited to develop those games. Just for your information Games were rolled out later than photos and circles.

Online Games available on Google Plus
Traditional game development were limited to TV, Computers and then moved on to Consoles. With the popularity of social media many such companies started rolling out games. Popular games include Angry Birds, Zynga Poker, City of wanders, Farmville, Sudoku, Mafia Wars etc. developed by well established game development companies such as Electronic Arts, Rovio, Zynga etc.

If you are creative and want to develop the games in Google+ you need not to be disappointed. Google still inviting application from the games developers. Sign up to Developers group to get the invitation from Google to start working on the Games development. Let us know what kind of games you are planning to develop ?

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