Sunday, September 11, 2011

Payment options available in Google Plus Games

Playing games online on social networking is fun! Google Plus games provides free and payed games. You can play games to certain extent or to some points. To play beyond certain stages or to get other special features you have to go for payed games. For example while playing Monster World (Bubble Island and Monster world games were added to Diamond dash on Google+ games) you can buy more Monster cash.

MonsterWorld on Google+
When you click on "Buy Monster Cash" it takes you to the payment option available in the Google Plus Games. Find below the confirmation pop up which you may get before making payment!

Payment option on Google Plus Games
Currently only payment option available to buy games point, stages or life in Google Plus games is through Google Checkout. The reason this is the only payment option because it is faster, more convenient and more secure. Following video explains more about the Google Checkout,

Many of the social networking websites provides various other payment options such as Paypal (one of the widely used gateway for online payments). Even many game lovers on Google Plus Games would like to see the other payment options. Let us know your experience with payed games!


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