Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who can see the games i am playing on Google Plus

As explained in the previous post you can invite people to play games on Google+. Like games on Facebook you can find the games on Google+ to be social i.e. visible to others. Let me make it very simple so that you can understand who can see that you are playing games on Google Plus.

Note: No one will have access to your information unless you share the game information. You have all the freedom to decide when to share and with whom you share the information with your consent!

Let me get straight on to the question we are answering here! Who can see?
  • Featured Games Area: When you click on the featured games as highlighted in red! 
You will get the slider with all the featured games rotating one after the other. Below the slider box you will see the information with list of people in your circles who are played the game recently. When you click on Played  Recently you will get a pop-up with number of players as shown below in the picture.

Therefore if you have played a game your name with photo will appear below featured games on your friend (or contact) try to play that game!

  • Within a Game:   When you start playing a game you might remember that you have agreed to terms of service and privacy policy of game developer. Read here to find the policy and terms of service. Let us see how playing within a game how others can come to know you are playing game on Google Plus.
         To display your highest score or best performance etc. : When you start playing the came you may become expert in it and may get highest score among Google Plus game players. In that case your name with photo can be displayed by games developer to others as shown below in the picture!

          While playing multi player match: If you choose to play a multi player game such as poker table (Developed by Zynga) your information will be visible to other players who are playing the poker game with you as shown below in the picture!

         While playing partner, ally, against type games: Assume your friend is playing Crime City and during the course of the play game may suggest your name to partner ( neighbor, against or ally). Game usually choose the name of the people within your circles.

Let us know what do you think about other getting to know which kind of game you are playing on Social network and how it may impact your image. Do you really care about it ? 


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