Sunday, August 14, 2011

Comparison of information requested by games on Google Plus and Facebook

You might have read the post on what kind of information is requested or collected by games developer from your Google+ profile. Here is an attempt of compare the information requested by games on Facebook and Google plus from your profile.

Before getting into the comparison let us see what kind of screen or information request form appears in Facebook and Google Plus when you try to play a game!
Information request forum from Facebook when you try to play a game!
Information request pop-up forum from Google Plus when you try to play a game!

Below is the table comparing the information collected by games on Facebook and Google plus games!

Google Plus
Basic profile information
View email address
Access to list of people in your network
Game developer email ID
Posts to your wall

For collecting basic profile information Facebook games specifically indicate which information (Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I've shared with everyone.) will be collected from your profile. Where as Google Plus games does't specifically state which basic profile information will be gathered.

Google+ games provides instant access to game developer contact information so that you can get your doubts cleared about the game! which is not available in the Facebook.

In Facebook games may post status messages, notes, photos, and videos to your Wall which is visible to all of your network. But in Google+ games updates or notifications will be displayed on Games notifications not in your profile stream!

Other than that email address and access to  your network list are available to game developers in Facebook and Google+. Let us know in the comments if any of the major comparison which might have been missed here!


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