Saturday, May 5, 2012

Online free math games on Google Plus Games

You might explored the free and paid math games which is available for you to play online on IGoogle and Google Chrome (Math Games, Math Arcade Games, and Math Brain). Now you have plenty of games on Google Plus Games to explore and we can see the available math games.

Following are the few of the math games available on Google Plus Games -,

1. Sudoku: This is the most liked games and well known among the math game lovers. Play this game to challenge yourself with our library of Sudoku puzzles. Compete with your friends and family who are on Google+ and show off your skills solving expert puzzles, or just finish the board in record time.

2. Remaining games close to math games are mostly of strategy games such as Diamond Dash, and Flood It. 

Google has to add more and more math game on G+ so that more and more people can get hold on to its most invested Social networking. 


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