Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Play Google Chess game online on IGoogle for free

You are at home or office playing chess is good time pass and fun. Playing Chess game on Google's IGoogle is very easy. If you have not used IGoogle just try using it. IGoogle provides lots of flexibility in organizing various widgets.

Follow the below steps to play Chess game on IGoogle
  • You can search for Chess game gadget on IGoogle or use this direct link to access the game.
  • Click on Add it now as shown below in the figure.

Chess online game on IGoogle
Fonts to select the type of game is not so good, Too small that it's hard to see. Two types i.e. difficult in chess games are available i.e. Easy (first one) and Hard (second one). When you select the game it will be easy to move the pawns as shown below in the figure.
Playing Chess on Google Game
Game developer need to increase the size of the gadget within the main screen so you can play without maximizing the window or gadget. This is the nice small window Google Chess game on IGoogle for time pass.


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