Monday, May 28, 2012

Play Minesweeper game online on IGoogle without downloading

Minesweeper is the most played game among the installed PC games. Now you can play the same game online on IGoogle for free without downloading to your PC or Laptop. Many of us use IGoogle as home page as it provides the ability to add as many gadgets as possible. You have math game to play on IGoogle too. Among the IGoogle games Minesweeper would be a good addition.
Minsweeper game on Google's IGoogle
Following are the steps to add Minesweeper game gadget to your IGoogle page,
  • Login to or with valid credentials
  • Click  on Add Gadgets and search for Minesweeper or click on this link
  • Click on Add it now to get the game on your IGoogle page.
Minesweeper game on IGoogle is developed by Google. Let us know any other game which you would like us to find in Google or IGoogle.


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