Thursday, May 24, 2012

Top 5 free online cool Math games for kids on Google Chrome

One of best category of games available and rare is Math. Here is an effort to collect top 5 cool math games for kids on Googles Chrome browser. All the games listed here are free and need to be installed clicking "ADD TO CHROME". This is in continuation of the article Free Google games for kids.

Cool Math Games: A nice collection of math games, logic games and puzzles, an excellent online resource for students, teachers and parents to learn and teach the basic math skills trough fun math games

Most of the games of cool addicting math games have the propose of increase your abilities with numbers, creativity, critical reasoning and problem solving.

Math counting game / puzzle for kids: This is for a game / puzzle for kids who learn counting up to 9. Following are the comments from the users of Math Counting game in Google Chrome for kids.
Nice and simple!! Will recommend
Suggestion: The empty cell should be active by default
Fantastic!, my 4 year old twins love it. good stepping stone for sudoku.

This is really good for my kid who is learning counting
well its fun i like it for kids
Super Math Adventure :  Practice adding, subtraction and multiplication by defeating the baddies in five levels of arcade math game action! Have fun and improve your math skills by playing this free Math game on Google Chrome for free.

Features of the game are as follows:
  • Defeat the baddies by answering simple math questions.
  • Choose between addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  • Normal mode - just answer the questions.
  • Arcade mode - answer the questions and control Mr Moomoo. Collect bonuses for more points.
  • Cartoon graphics keep the kids interested while learning.
ADDieMath: is a simple and fun game that kids can use to learn and master ADDition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables. ADDieMath provides the challenge of timed problem solving, the tracking of learning progress, and the flexibility of various levels and operations!

How to Play AddieMath on Google Chrome:
  • Click Play: Click the Play button.
  • Select or Create Player: If it is your first time, enter your Player Name and click Create. If you have already created a Player, click the dropdown list and select your Name.
  • Select or Create Program: If it is your first time, select an Operation (+, -, ×, ÷) and Speed (Slow, Medium, Fast) and then click 4. Create. If you want to continue with an existing Program, click the dropdown list and select that Program.
  • Start Playing: After you have a Program selected, the problem area will become visible and you can click Start to begin a Session. Each Session consists of several problems. A Player will need to complete many Sessions to complete the entire Program.
  • Answer Problems: Enter the correct answer using the on-screen number pad or using the keyboard. Try to enter the answer quickly before the red "O" is shown.
Mangahigh - Making Math Irresistible game on Google Chrome for Kids with over 16 math games and 60,000+ math questions. It provides complete coverage of the math curriculum for ages 7-16.

Featuring more than 550 different lessons, 16 mathematics games and 60,000+ math questions, Mangahigh offers complete coverage of the math curriculum for ages 7-16. Designed for use by teachers in class and beyond, Mangahigh is proving to be hugely popular in schools across the USA.

Let us know which among the above math game on Google Chrome you liked. We will try to bring more and more free online math game for kids.


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