Thursday, September 20, 2012

Play Slalom Canoe game on Google Doodle for fun

Its time for quick and simple game on Google Doodles and time for some Slalom Canoe as part of summer on-line game. This game from Google was developed as part of London Olympic games but still outshines among interesting ones.

Following is the snap shot of the game which is very interesting and time bound so that you keep playing without getting bored!

Google Doodle Slalom Canoe game online
Slamon Canoe Google Doodle Game
Challenge in the Google Doodle online game is to reach the target as early as possible by going through the poles without hitting the ground. You have to balance, be fast and control same the Canoe to reach the target! Sounds interesting and want to play the game here is the link to Slamon Canoe Google Doodle game.
To play the game just click on the play button and you just move the mouse and click when ever you get the ball near to poles. For manual control use Space bar to start the game and the moving arrows to move around as shown below in the pictures.
Also play the Basket Ball game or Soccer on Google Doodle and the controls are same as above. Let us know how are the above Google games on Doodle!


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