Friday, August 10, 2012

Play Google Soccer or Football on Goggle doodle available on search page

Google games are getting innovative and very easy to find and play. One of such example is the Google Doodle Soccer or Football which you can play on search page. It's a one of the lot of fun game and easy to play different from Google Chrome or Plus games .
Google soccer & football doodle play
This soccer game is developed as part of the Olympics games going on in London. Above is the snapshot of the game where you can find that the Soccer poles are between Gogles l's.

To play the game just click on the play button and you just move the mouse and click when ever you get the ball near to poles. For manual control use Space bar to start the game and the moving arrows to move around as shown below in the pictures.
control google soccer game
Link to the game is Soccer 2012

In total five balls are available in the Google Doodle search soccer or football game. Let us know how the cool game is. Do you enjoy it!


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