Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Play Cats vs Dogs new Google Plus game Pettington Park online

You might have played various games on Google but Pettington Park is a different one. It's Cats vs Dogs game which you can play on-line on Google+ Plus for free. Those who love their pets can have fun playing this game.

cats vs dogs google game online

Following are the few tips to play Pettington Park Dogs Vs Cats game for winning!
  • Keep getting the tokens you find and continue building it. Spend the tokens appropriately in Pettington park to win further.
  • When ever possible donate the times you have which will help to win most of the challenges you face in Cats Vs Dogs game.
  • Have the lamps built in your way. If you have not built or maintained in previous levels go back and built them for winning the Pettington park game on Google Plus.
This game is developed by Zynga and Loot Drop. So ready to take the side of Cat or Dog  (Link to the Pettington Park game)? Play online the Cats vs Dogs game on Google+. Eventhough game has few bugs it should not be problem. Let us know how was the game!


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