Monday, June 11, 2012

Top card poker games (Uno Boost, Zynga Poker) to play on Google Plus

Card or poker games are very widely played. These games are also available on Google such as Google+ plus, IGoogle etc. Two top games Uno Boost and Zynga Poker are available on Google Plus games for you play and have good time pass without getting bored.

There are two types of card games available i.e. single player and double or multiplayer player. Single player game you will be playing with opponent from Google Plus or you can assume as you are playing against computer. In Double player poker game you can play with your network as multiplayer game or as single player against Google+.

Uno Boost:  This is developed by GameHouse and it’s a classic fun card poker game. This game is single player UNO with super charged features. Play UNO card game against great new characters. Level up and use Boost Cards to unlock new challenges and stay on top of your scorecard.

Zynga Poker: One of the largest and very famous poker game is developed by Zynga. Another famous game Cityville is also by Zynga. This card game is not only popular on Google+ Plus also on facebook and on other websites. This poker game is available in single and multiplayer game.


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