Friday, June 29, 2012

Play Lego game on Google Build with Chrome online

Do you remember the classic game of building house and built what you wished with plastic bricks in your child hood as kid while playing games. Hmm... Here is an attempt by Google to allow you to play Lego game on-line on Build with Chrome. This game has been build by Google Australia in partnership with the Lego Australian team.
Play Lego game online on Google Chrome

Lego Game is available on both 2D and 3D Versions and works seamlessly on Google Chrome browser. Beauty is that game is connected with Google maps API so that you can place the structures you have built at any place on Australia, well its good if it resemble the place.

Check out the below video of Build with chrome Lego game from Google,

Through this game you can explore the creativity of yours with rich 3D Experience which was possible in the browser through extensive work from Google chrome guys for you to play Lego game online. Here is the Build with Chrome website where you can play the game.


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