Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top reasons why to play Google+ games

Google+ continues to grow and add more & more users competing against Facebook. There are many features in Google+ which are plus points one among them is Games. Games provide the ability for these social network websites to stick for long time and engage to maximum extent.

why to play Google+ games

Games on other social networking are famous too such as on Facebook. On Google+ its continues to grow as more and more games are added every month from puzzle, strategy, word, virtual, racing to slot machine & card games.

Following are the few top reasons why you should play games on Google+

  • Its on-line: Google+ games are hosted on cloud i.e. its available for you to play anywhere in the world and any time without loosing any kind of data.
  • It's social: You can play your favourite games with your friends and family. You can share the game updates and your progress and also engage others.
  • Variety of games are available: You have more than 16 categories of games available to play from bubble word, angry birds to cittiville. 
  • Its free: Google+ games by Google is completely free for you to play. You need not to spend even a penny. If you are a pro player you can spend little money in buying goodies or gifts.
  • Its cool: Most of the games availalble on Google+ are developed by professional game developers and also games are reviewed and approved by Google.
  • No spamming: Most of the other social network games spam your profile or news updates with unwanted status updates. But on Google Plus you have most control and you can share only what you want and with whom.
Let us know what other top reasons you prefer to play Google Plus games!


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