Friday, August 19, 2011

How to stop Google Plus Game alerts to email only contacts on Circles

When you start playing the game on Google Plus you might have noticed that you may get several options to share the updates among your contacts or invite them. Those contacts might include the email only friends or contacts on the circles with G+ profile page. (Email only contacts are the one who don't have Google+ profile but they are on your email or contacts list on Gmail but still appear on Circles.)

Email Alerts form Google+

Here in this post on How to invite your friends or people to play games on Google Plus its been covered that during the several stages in the game you will get option to invite your friends.
Contacts on Google Plus Circles
When you update your status or invite the friends its been noticed that alerts in the form of email may go out your email only contacts. Due to which some time your friends who are not on Google Plus may think your Google account might have been compromised i.e. password might been taken or stolen by some one else.

Currently there is no settings or options on Google Plus games to stop alerts to email only contacts on Circles (Those who are on Circle with profile page don't get email but they get Game notifications ). What you can do is to remove them from circles and adding them in different circle (You can give email only contacts as circle name). Let us know if you have experienced this issue!


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