Friday, August 19, 2011

Top 3 Games on Google+ Plus Games

Weekend is here and time to spend some time on social networks such as Google+. So far you might have explored the 16 available games. Here is the list of top 3 games on Google Plus which you might like to give a try. This list may change in the next week or in the forth coming which depends on the issues discovered in the exisiting games or intoduction of new games into Google+ games.

Top 3 Games on Google Plus :
Angry Birds on Google Plus
1. Angry Birds: Not only we have tested this game but also discussed with many Google Plus games lovers. Its been the Angry Birds which stands out among the available 16 games. On Google+ you have both single player and multiplayer option. Rovio has provided more than 127 stages in the available single player game. We can expect more games/stages on G+ from the Angry Birds developers in the coming days. Here you can find how to play Angry Birds on Google Plus.

Sudoku on Google Plus Games
2. Sudoku: Playing puzzle game might be boring but the Sudoku on Google plus games is made fun with lot of options. Options include checking the each entry you make, you can get the hint before making the next move, If you are in a hurry you can view the result! This also comes with single as well as multiplayer game. Cool thing is you can check who is doing well in over all Google Plus players of Sudoku. Here is the link to know how you can play Sudoku game online on Google Plus.

City of Wonder on Google+ Games
3. City of Wonders: This is one of the famous game in Facebook. City of wonders a strategic game with social features also integrated and developed well in Google Plus. In a nut shell this all about researching technologies, building a prosperous civilization and exploring the other civilizations to trade or attack! You start the game with the stone age!

Google plus games are getting interesting and we continue to explore each game in depth. This week with the role out of sharing YouTube video with friends on Google plus made us more exciting to see what else to come in the game side! Let us know which among the top 3 Google Plus games you liked! If you disagree with the list! Let us know your top games on Google+.


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