Friday, October 26, 2012

List of New games on Google+ plus you might missed to play

There are more than nine new games added by Google on Google+ games so that we can have fun playing them online. Nine games include a Google a day, Empires & Allies, Pettington Park, Band Stars, Army Attack, Kingdom Age, Mall world, Thirst of Night, and Zoobinis.

Army Attack
Army attack game on Google+ to play

You can build your own army and manage it by becoming a true army commander. As a commander of your army you can lead and achieve victory over enemies. This game is suitable for those who like discipline, army and vigour to reach victory.

Band Stars
play Band stars game online on Google+

You like music and also playing games online. Here is the game which combines both music on game i.e. Band Stars. You can Build your own band and start recording. Play the recordings with your friends on Google+ social network as you rock to the top of the charts in Band Stars.


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